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SS501 in Malaysia

Guys, i know that tomorrow SS501 is coming for an autograph section in Malaysia. We can get their autographs provided we buy their albums on the spot. But what albums are on sale and what is the price range?



lol....today was totally fun!!...at school, my best friend, fazira..actually sang a song for me. the song was "happy birthday to you you" by YUI.

i was soo happy...then she and another close friend of mine, aishah gave me a very beautiful necklace. then my classmates wished me..and a few ( esther, inaz, sheau yuong, zunika and tan ying gave me a wild channel purse!!

then...when i was taking out a book from my bag, i saw another present!!..this time it was given to me by all of my really close friends, aishah, fazira hafizah and mimi~...they gave me..: a book about KAT-TUN's junno and koki!! i was half shouting in my class...lol...it was definately a really, really sweet 16..^^
Behold... My Future
  I will marry taguchi junnosuke.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in japan in our fabulous Mansion.  
  We will have 4 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a burgundy BMW.
  I will spend my days as a attorney, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future


crapness!! tomorrow is school again....damn it!! that means result day!!!...i'm so gonna die.....!!!

German Friend

today...myself and a few friends met our german friend, Andi, who just came...he'll be staying here for a while...actuall, he wants to look for a college here~.....i think he likes mimi...they look close to each other...but the rest of us were a bit awkward....he seemed quiet..and we didn't know what to talk about xD...

anyway, we went and watch a movie...and when  we were walking around, i SWEAR i saw a guy who look very much like max from DBSK..except the guy i saw was a bit shorter!! seriously!!!! i was damn shocked when i saw him....


so anyway...right now i should be sleeping..but too lazy...tomorrow i have biology and modern maths...good thing it's just paper one
then on friday it's history..then: yayyy!!! freedom...*until the results 2 weeks later of course~

so today i felt extremely relaxed...been busy watching gokusen 3...epeisode 3 just came out!!!

that's all for now...sister behind me..can't write anymore details..*sigh*,...damn annoying!!

i feel damn frustrated

i feel damn frustrated!!!!! last night there were no electricity in my house...and it was sweltering hot! to make matters worse....all i did was study study study!!! the same stupid routine since last month!!..i'm a bit bitter towards my parents..they aren't working...so must they still rest so much?? i mean...if they were working i will understand..but during weekdays all they do is rest and relax!! and they said that during the weekends they wanna rest some more..what kinda excuse is that???!

so anyway...i might go for guitar lessons .....it will be a great thing to do to pass time...or should i take japanese lessons?? then i can translate my lyrics to japanese..lol...but if i take guitar i can create the melody...ahh...too many choices...*sighs*

so...i was totally awed by junno and ueda's performance...that time..only both of them sang DON'T U EVER STOP....it was so cool!!! i seriously think they can replace kame and jin as lead vocals...and their new solos are amazing!!! (although i like junno's one more,,hehe)....ahhh....it's been 7 months since i first started liking them.....five more and it'll exactl;y be one year...i think it can definately last...provided that KAT-TUN release more singles..lol..

tomorrow is monday...but it's a public holiday so i won't be going to school...so my dad said he'll take us to KLCC..perfect chance to find another japanese magazine featuring KAT-TUN....yayy~...plus i won't be dead bored tomorrow....and the next day it's back to school again....>.< more and more tests...how lovely...


today is pretty much a boring day....i'm frustrated for not being able to think of a song to write....it's stressful...
i'm afraid that because of the exams..no new inspirations are coming...right now the only thing keeping me going is all those japanese music i listen to....*sighs*

anyway, i finally decide to do a livejournal...under my friends insistence of course....i don't really know what to do..maybe i'll post one of my lyrics here..